PoolHide® for Natural Pools and Ponds

PoolHide® PVC Membrane

For new construction and renovations of ponds and Natural Swimming Pools


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60 Mil PVC Membrane

PoolHide® 60 Mil PVC Membrane gives you the flexibility and durability for a cost-effective solution to building and renovating Natural Swimming Pools (NSPs) and ponds. PoolHide® 60 Mil PVC Membrane is easily heat welded on-site and custom tailored to any shape or size pool or pond to form a waterproof sealing that will last for years. Available in dark colors, PoolHide® 60 Mil PVC Membrane may be the right solution for your next Natural Swimming Pool or pond project.

All colors are available in anti-slip finishes.  Actual colors may vary.
Please Contact Us for pricing and availability.
Thumb_Black  Black Thumb_Black Antislip  Black
Thumb_Eco Green  Eco Green Thumb_Dark Green Antislip  Eco Green


PoolHide® is a trademark of Park Pool and Pond Products