Solar Shaker

The Solar Shaker® is a self-contained solar powered wave generator used to prevent ice formation in a small section of a pond or Natural Swimming Pool. This allows for the exchange of gases between the water and the atmosphere, which is important in optimizing the control of algae development over the winter and especially in the spring.

$59.95 each

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  • 6″ Saucer Solar Shaker® with rounded top, acrylic with pebbled texture.
  • High-quality motor and eccentric weight, solar powered, completely self-contained. 
  • Ring on bottom to attach anchor.


Figure 1 shows the basic components of the Solar Shaker® buoy:

The sun (5) sends rays (4) that hit solar cell (6) which connects to motor (8) by wires (7).
The motor rotates an eccentric weight (11) causing compensatory motion of the entire hull (1) in the water making waves (12).
The waves are actually not concentric rings, but rather a spiral.