Vinyl Liner Renovation

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Vinyl Liner Pool Renovation

Case Study 3 photo 1

Location: Morris Plains, NJ
Project Type: Residential – Renovation
Product: PoolHide® Eco Green
Completed: 2013

These customer had gone through three vinyl liners in three years and were frustrated that the pool kept leaking. A traditional liner just wasn’t compatible with the shape and size of this swimming pool. A reputable local pool company recommended PoolHide® 60 Mil PVC Membrane as a perfect solution for the renovation, and in the Fall of 2013 PoolHide® was installed in the client’s pool. They chose the Eco Green colored membrane which complemented the rest of their backyard sanctuary. A custom welded job provided extra strength and durability of the membrane, especially in the corners and around the curves where a traditional liner would be compromised. With a completely “new” pool, the customers can get back to spending much of their time entertaining and enjoying their backyard oasis!

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