Concrete Renovation

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Concrete Pool Renovation

Case Study 2_0

Location: Blairstown, NJ
Project Type: Residential – Renovation
Product: PoolHide® Ocean Blue
Completed: 2014

These customers were were tired of yearly applications of epoxy and paint to repair their cracked and leaking 30+ year old concrete pool, and they were in desperate need of a better solution. A reputable local pool company suggested PoolHide® 60 Mil PVC Membrane and they liked the idea right away. After converting the returns, skimmers, and other accessories to be vinyl liner ready, PoolHide® was installed in the Spring of 2014. The customers love their “new” pool and enjoy the fact that there are no more maintenance issues to deal with. PoolHide® is a stronger, more durable, and longer lasting solution than traditional vinyl liners, and it may be the right choice for your next renovation project!

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